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Leading any local real estate market takes a level of expertise and customer care that many agencies just aren’t capable of offering. Backed by decades of industry experience, your Realty Stetson agent is prepared to help you make that next step towards your first, next or upgraded home of your dreams. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call. We’d be happy to meet with you to discuss just what the journey entails.

Boasting some of the hottest real estate markets in Texas, the neighborhoods in and surrounding Austin are flourishing. But does that mean you want to live there? We help you discover the most sought-after areas, and the best hidden gems, the city has to offer.

With access to the newest and hottest listings, our online home tour makes finding that next perfect buy or great deal a simple task. Something catch your eye (or your breath)? Give us a call to schedule a showing.

Maybe it’s not the best time to buy. Maybe you’d prefer to take your time, wading into the Austin real estate market rather than diving right in. Understandable. With Realty Stetson’s comprehensive listing search, you’ll be able to find that next place to settle in with just a few simple steps.

As your selling agent, we work overtime to ensure the quick sale of your home. Using technological innovations, and coupling those with creative and aggressive marketing techniques, we pull out all the stops, striving to get top dollar for your Austin area home.

Our local service was designed and implemented to offer you the very best in real estate. Acting as your knowledgeable partner, we assist you in buying, selling, leasing or managing residential properties of all types. We simply aim our focus at saving you money while providing you unparalleled service – it’s just that easy.

As local real estate agents, we know Austin and its surrounding areas better than most. By using that knowledge, and coupling it with our special customer care techniques, we’ve developed a plan that is intended to eliminate the confusion and frustration while avoiding the pitfalls that are inherent in any real estate market. Having a partner who utilizes creativity and innovation as daily tools and enthusiastically attacks each project with zeal is imperative to a successful real estate transaction. Consider us that partner.

Let’s meet to discuss your next real estate move and build a strategy to get you there. Call now – we’re excited to take this journey with you.

Call Us: 512-650-2714