Imagine a world where your goals and aspirations are held as priorities and supported by a team of friends. Imagine a world where your hard work, creativity and knowledge were highly rewarded. Imagine a world where the sky’s the limit.
Welcome to the world of Realty Stetson.

There are few industry professionals that truly understand the work and dedication it takes to be a successful real estate agent in Austin. As knowledgeable experts, we get it. Showings and offers are actually just the tip of the ever-growing iceberg of tasks that an agent performs throughout the day. Unfortunately, these tasks often tear you away from the people that you are meaning to serve as an agent, keeping you from establishing those trusting, long-term relationships that are so vital to your business. In other words, while working so hard on your business, you risk losing business.

Want more?
Supporting you as an agent, while allowing you the freedom of a business owner, the Realty Stetson team offers unique, business-building assets that were designed to help create an atmosphere of mutually-beneficial relationships. Growing our organization within the local industry, we’ve implemented a plan for success; a plan that could include you.

What makes us different? Oh, so much.

Marketing Support
In this market, an agent is only as good as their marketing strategies. Oh…guess what. Our agents rock. Supported by an all-encompassing in-house marketing plan, each of our agents enjoy personal advertising and promotional support as well as marketing help with each of their listings. Our strategies have a proven track record of ridiculous success.

Technological Innovation
At Realty Stetson, our goal is not to just stay on top of modern technology, but to actually sharpen that cutting-edge. We understand that today’s tools and innovations have spurred the entire industry forward, allowing us to reach more buyers, streamline our processes and meet escrow requirements and deadlines with ease. Offering access to the now-necessary technology to each or our agents, we boost your success in the most fundamental ways.

Administrative Support
At its most basic, your business is getting in front of people. Our business is to help you do just that. By helping you build marketing plans, complete transactional tasks and field questions from other agents, potential buyers and even your mom, we create an atmosphere where you’ll feel more empowered to get out there and build those relationships with each of those valued clients of yours.

Generous Commissions
Now we’re getting down to the brass tax. We can talk all day about the benefits of working with a team like ours but you’re in business for the same reason we are. To make a living. We reward the hard work, creativity, experience and passion that our agents bring to the table by offering better than competitive commissions on every sale. We working to become the most successful and recognized real estate agency in the region and are willing to do what’s needed to recruit the very best.


Keep 100% of your commissions!

Option 1

Our $0/mo +$395 per closing is our newest 100% commission plan and is one of the most competitive in TX. This is a great option for part time agents who close 0-2 properties per year. This commission plan is unique in that there are NO MONTHLY FEES! Our 100% commission Realtors pay only $395 for every transaction they close. This plan has ZERO monthly fees, ZERO desk fees, ZERO hidden, annual, or consultation fees! Just $395 every time you represent a buyer or seller in a transaction! – ($75 per lease)

Option 2

This is the best commission plan for agents closing more than 3 properties per year. Agents pay a small fee of $35 per month. With every closing the agent participates in, their office fee is only $150. Our $35/mo + $150 per closing plan is an excellent option because it balances a low per closing fee with a very affordable monthly fee. Agents enjoy the benefits of no additional fees with this plan. – ($25 per lease)


Refer a Friend

If you know a Realtor who values integrity and ethics as much as we do, refer them to Realty Stetson! Realty Stetson will pay your Option 2 monthly plan fees for 6 months. (for every referral)

What’s Included – Both Options 

Use of our office, conference room, & support staff

What’s Extra – Both Options

Professional portrait, business cards, listing signs, & lock box’s. (photographer, graphic designer, sign company instructions provided)




TREC Sponsorship Form

DA Form 1 – Option 1 – Closing Disbursement Authorization

DA Form 2 – Option 2 – Closing Disbursement Authorization

Leasing Invoice

ACH Form – Leasing Payments to Agent




MLS Signature

Gmail Signature

Business Cards

Listing Signs


If you feel you have what it takes to be a Realty Stetson team member, we wanna talk with you. We’re simply looking for driven, dedicated, knowledgeable agents that love Austin, and the real estate industry, as much as we do. Call us. Email us. Fill out the form available here. Heck, send a message by pigeon for all we care. Just reach out and we’ll schedule a time to get together and talk.

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