Whether you’re a newbie to the Austin area, or a lifelong native looking to move to your next home in the City of the Violet Crown, you’ve gotta expect your real estate agent to know the area like the back of their own hand. If they don’t, politely tip your hat and move on to Stetson.

With a Stetson Property Management agent and property scout on your side, you’ll be able to more confidently choose your next home while limiting the stress, frustration or confusion that often comes with the territory. By systematically analyzing all of your needs, desires and expectations, we’ll guide you to the areas that are best suited to you, your lifestyle and your budget. When looking for an Austin area home that suits your growing needs, remember to keep the following in mind:

Price Range 

Obviously one of the more important factors, your realistic budget will help us find the best neighborhood for the price. Let us know what your bottom line and your top dollar are, and we’ll go from there.

Commute Times

With work being an everyday concern for most of us, a majority of our clients are most often concerned with how fast and easily they’ll be able to get to work. With the explosive growth over the last decade, your agent needs to be able to guide you to the right regions, avoiding congested roads and highways as much as necessary.

Convenience to Amenities and Services

Your real estate guide should be able to point out the most popular shopping areas, the best schools and the amenities that make Austin such a great place to live. By letting us know what your priorities are, we can guide you to the neighborhood of your dreams.

Family and Friends

Of course, if you’re moving to Austin to be closer to those you love, you’ll want to take a look at their area and the adjacent neighborhoods to best determine what’s right for you and your family.

We invite you to schedule a personal consultation with Stetson Property Management to start your home search now. With an extensive knowledge of Austin and its surrounding areas, we’ll be able to find that perfect Bat City home for you.